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Lansing Restoration | Water, Fire & Storm Damage

Our Lansing damage restoration services company specializes in professional restoration services for residential and commercial property in Lansing, Michigan.

From small kitchen fires to large industrial spills, we can expertly restore any size or type of damage. Our experienced Lansing restoration technicians will work with you to develop an action plan designed to eliminate down time and complete your restoration project effectively and efficiently. Our contractors focus on every detail and bring years of experience and specialized knowledge to each job — large or small.

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Lansing Water Damage Restoration

Whether from an internal or external source, water remains one of the hardest substances to prevent from damaging your property and possessions. Our Lansing water damage technicians will remove water from your property as quickly as possible to minimize further damage. Quick removal of non-contaminated water is vital to reducing permanent damage to floors, walls, cabinets and fixtures. Once the water is properly removed, we will assess the damage to both the structure and its contents, and then formulate a plan to get your home or business back to normal with minimal down time. Learn more about Lansing water damage restoration here.

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Lansing Fire Damage Restoration

Nothing is more sudden and destructive to your property and valuable possessions than fire. On top of damage from burning, most fires result in smoke, water and structural damage from extinguishing the fire. Our Lansing fire damage restoration experts strive to restore your home or business to normal working order as soon as possible.

Each fire presents unique obstacles and deserves special attention. Many times, structural or system damage cannot be seen without trained Lansing fire damamge professionals inspecting your structure, and if not addressed, could result in future problems. In most cases of fire damage, water damage must also be addressed immediately to avoid fungal growth. Learn more about Lansing fire damage restoration here.

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Lansing Smoke Damage Restoration

Even small fires can cause major damage to the interior of a structure and its contents. During a fire, smoke and soot migrate to other areas of the structure. Depending on the amount of smoke damage, professional Lansing smoke damage cleaning and odor removal techniques will be required. Our highly trained and experienced Lansing smoke restoration professionals have the extensive knowledge of building systems, professional restoration techniques and the state-of-the-art equipment required to get you and your company back to normal in no time. Learn more about Lansing smoke damage restoration here.

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Lansing Wind & Storm Damage

The planet has experienced some very extreme weather conditions over the past decade. As many of us have witnessed in recent years, frequent storms and unpredictable weather can cause major damage to structures and their contents. After a storm, our Lansing storm restoration team can help you with whatever you may need including temporary power and housing, weather proofing or reconstruction. Our qualified restoration specialists have the extensive knowledge of building systems, temporary weatherproofing techniques and storm restoration experience needed to get you and your business back to normal in no time. Learn more about Lansing wind and storm damage here.

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Additional Services

Lansing Odor Removal

When dealing with foul odors, there is no better time to address the situation than right now! Our Lansing odor removal experts can remove a wide range of unwanted odors from your home. The nose is the best equipment available to detect odor. Once a consistent odor has been detected a combination of techniques will be utilized to permanently remove the source of the offending smell as quickly and as completely as possible.

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Lansing Sewer Remediation

Sewer remediation involves removal of Category 3 water (sewage) and affected items from your home or business. Typically a Category 3 water loss is the result of a drain back-up or toilet overflow, but is not always limited to these sources. Category 3 water includes any water from beyond the trap and any category 2 water that has sat idle for over 72 hours.

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Lansing Vehicle Impact Damage

The only thing worse than bad drivers on the road are bad drivers in your home. While a vehicle running into your home or business is a rare occurrence, it can happen — and if it does we can help. Our Lansing vehicle impact damage home restoration experts have extensive knowledge of building systems, temporary weatherproofing techniques and the restoration experience required to get you structure back to normal in no time.

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Lansing Power Washing

One of the most effective and affordable ways to increase the value of your home or business is having a clean and inviting exterior. Professional power washing of the exterior surfaces on your property can make an older structure look like new again. It is also the best way to clean your equipment and vehicles. Power washing removes harmful dust, dirt, mildew and grease — allowing you to restore and extend the life of your home or business facility.

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Lansing Emergency Board Ups

If your home or business has been damaged and needs an emergency board up, our skilled technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help. From fire to storm damage, our professional board up services will protect your home or business from any further damage or the potential for theft.

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For more information on the Lansing restoration services offered by Restoration Services, and how our specialists can help restore your home, contact us here or call us directly at 616.951.7015 in West Michigan or 231.218.8706 in Northern Michigan.

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